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Monday, March 11, 2013

Snow Flakes On my Heart

So fake is my rage that it melts into syrup
So strange is my need that it makes me hiccup
So vague are my goals that i have to sit up
Snow flakes on my heart
make me shoot out
Like a canon ball aiming for Venus

So wave my scream now a sword dream killer
So strange is my dream now I have to dream bigger
So say it as it is I am now an achiever
snake entwined now
Like a star aiming for genius

***COPYRIGHT 2013***


Pacha said...

Nice piece of work

Pacha said...

Please I do write poems but I want to start publishing online is there anyway you can help me out like guide me through the process

Pacha said...

Please I did like to receive a response from you.

Pacha said...

I am damn serious about this

Pacha said...

My blog name is "olabanjitom.blogspot. com"

olabanji tom said...

Just changed the account name to illusionsdepth.blogspot. com